ViewMedica® Mobile for iPad FAQ

The Mobile App for iPad has been deprecated. That means we will no longer develop the app beyond its current features. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our ViewMedica Mobile for iPad. If you still have a question not covered on this page, please contact us and we will be happy to respond.

Q: Why has the Mobile App service been deprecated?

A: Swarm has been advancing the technologies used in our Web service to support mobile devices better. Most all of the features previously only available in the mobile app are now built into the ViewMedica Web player. We feel the Web player gives physicians and patients a better experience.

Q: Will the app work with new versions of Apple iOS?

A: Since we stopped development of the iPad app, it has continued to work in iOS 9. The ViewMedica app may become unstable in future updates to the iOS. If that happens to you, you should cancel your ViewMedica Mobile service.

Q: I want to install my ViewMedica Mobile on more than five iPads. Is this possible?

A: The base subscription to ViewMedica Mobile includes access for five iPads. If you need your ViewMedica content on more than five iPads, log into your ViewMedica account and go to your ViewMedica Mobile Settings from the Dashboard. Add access to groups of five more iPads for $5 per month.