How to lock your iPad

You probably don't want your patients using your office iPad for anything other than watching the ViewMedica content. Use your iPad's Guided Access feature to keep patients focused on patient education. This method only works in iOS6 and above.

Set up Guided Access

  • Open Settings, then General.
  • Under Accessibility select “Guided Access” in the Learning section.
  • Turn Guided Access on and then set a passcode using “Set Passcode.” This passcode will be used later to lock and unlock your iPad onto the ViewMedica app, so remember it. You also should turn on Accessibility Shortcut so you can enable and disable access.

Using Guided Access

  • Launch the ViewMedica app, then triple-click the iPad's Home button and enter your accessibility passcode to bring up the Accessibility menu.
  • At the top of the screen hit the Resume (or Start in iOS6) button. Your iPad will now be locked into the ViewMedica Mobile app. Your patients now cannot close the app or use any other apps on that iPad. You should also put the ViewMedica Mobile app in Patient Mode via the app's Settings menu to keep your patients from changing your app settings and downloading videos in the app.

Turning off Guided Access

  • Triple-click the Home button and enter your passcode. Now you have full access to your iPad.