The VMcast App for Fire TV

Only the Fire TV VMcast app gives you local playback and automatic playlist updates. And, the Fire TV Stick is the best way to put VMcast on your waiting room TV.

How the Fire TV Works

Connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your HDTV and wireless network, and download our VMcast app. That's it - you're ready to start streaming your VMcast playlists. Each playlists can have an unlimited number of ViewMedica videos as well as your custom text, image slides and YouTube videos.

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Setting Up VMcast on Fire TV Stick

Bandwidth Friendly

Is your internet connection fast enough? Don't worry. Although VMcast needs an internet connection, using it won't clog your bandwidth. The app lets you download hours of ViewMedica content and store it directly on your Fire TV's memory. Then the videos play from the device, not from the internet.

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Auto Updating Playlists

Now, update your live playlists without hassle. If you make a change to your playlist - even one that's playing - your playlist automatically refreshes with the new content the next time it loops back to the beginning. Or, instantly update your content by refreshing the playlist on the app.

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Other Improvements

The latest VMcast app is a completely new version, with an easier-to-use interface and built-in tools that allow us to add even more new features in the future.

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