Content-based SEO:
The Best Way To See Results

Our custom SEO services help your medical practice website improve the search
engine ranking you want and earn the attention it deserves.

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Custom SEO Services

If you’ve spent any time looking for Medical SEO services, it’s a good bet you’ve been told that search engine optimization is a mysterious and difficult proposition.

Here’s the plain truth about SEO: Google and the other search engines simply want to deliver the most current, respected and relevant content for every search they process.

Content-driven Results

With that in mind, you’ll see there is no mystery here at all, and SEO boils down to posting useful medical content that is relevant to your practice, and then making sure the search engines can find it.

Your content marketing package shouldn't be a carbon-copy of someone else's approach. You should see your website as a new opportunity to get you the patients, pathologies, and procedures you need for your medical practice.

Our Approach

Our recommended first step is to evaluate your site's current performance in terms of traffic (measured by Google Analytics) and keyword ranking in Google's search engine results page. Based on the results, we work with you to formulate a marketing plan that fits your practice's needs.

We offer two different content marketing packages to meet your practice’s needs. We also price our content writing on a per-article basis if you need more content than our basic plans.

Specialties Package


one-time start up cost

*Recommended First Step

Package includes:

Market Research

One Specialties page

Four articles on the specialties of your choice
(with option for additional articles)

One Report


Give your patients more information about the services you offer and the conditions you treat to help them make an informed decision. Well-written, informative content is an important factor in search engine ranking.

Specialties articles are different from patient education in that they are personalized to your practice; they include information on how your practice performs a procedure, rather than just generalized information.

We recommend this package as a starting point if your website does not have any personalized content related to your specialties.

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Patient Engagement Package


one-time start up cost


Package includes:

Creation of Patient Engagement Landing Page
(a page for previewing your Patient Engagement articles)

Four Posts

One Report



The Patient Engagement Package is a great way to add fresh content to your website, if you already have content about your specialties.

Give your patients tips on how to manage their conditions, prevent injuries, and stay healthy. You can be the trusted, reliable source of health information your patients want and need.

We work with you to identify topics that are relevant to your practice and your patients and ensure that your content is consistent with your practice.

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